CPAD Newsletter (October 2016)

CPAD LA Headquarter:

The Big 2016 Election

Our history making 2016 election is happening right in front of our eyes, and some of our CPAD young people are gearing up to be part of this upcoming November election.

In May, our self-advocacy group, Chinese SAGE (Chinese Self-Advocacy Group Empowered), received a mini grant on voting trainings through the Autistic Self Advocacy Network's PADSA Grant (Pacific Alliance on Disability Self Advocacy).

Since May, our CPAD young adults have been receiving series of hands-on voting trainings through collaboration with Disability Rights of California on voting rights & registration, availability of various accommodations for special needs voters, the 2016 election and California propositions. (More...)

CPAD Orange County Chapter:

“Promoting Health - A Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective”

November 19, 2016, Saturday
2 pm to 4 pm

Location:    OCAAC
225 W. Carl Karcher Way,
Anaheim, CA 92801

Speaker : Dr. Kan Yang Wu

Dr. Wu will tell us how to promote and maintain our physical and mental health from traditional Chinese medicine perspective (More...)

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CPAD Corner (October 2016)


CPAD LA Headquarter:

Golfing on a Saturday Afternoon

On Saturday, October 1, 2016, many CPAD friends joined together to enjoy a free golfing lesson.  The teacher of this lesson was Amy Huang, a Taiwanese professional golfer.  She taught the students that the word “professional” means to play for a living, which meant that golfing is actually her real job. She is indeed a highly skilled professional golfer!  

The CPAD friends went on to golf for an entire hour.  The best part about this event was that everyone received a prize after they finished golfing. Each person won a special gift for a very special accomplishment (More...)

CPAD 2016 Golfing Lesson


CPAD Orange County Chapter:

8/20/16 CPAD Orange County Chapter meeting – Advocates Raymond Kwong and Yi-Jen Lee of Disability Rights California gave us a talk in “What Can Disability Right California Do for Us?” They gave us brochures in Chinese that states the mission: advocate, educate, investigate and litigate to advance and protect the rights of Californians with disabilities (More ...)