CPAD Newsleter (November 2019)

CPAD Community Parent Resource Center (CPRC)

Special Needs Trust Workshop II

   Special Needs Trust Workshop II 
                 “THE BASICS”   

     Date:  November 9,  2019, Saturday
       Time:         10 - 12 noon
    Place:  Asian Youth Center (AYC)
                          100 Clary Ave.,
                  San Gabriel, CA 91776

Presented by Grace A. Lou, Attorney. Come and learn how to Maximize your special needs child’s eligibility for public support (More ...)

CPAD Orange County Chapter


      Date: November 16, 2019, Saturday,
           Time:       2 pm to 4 pm
                Place:     OCAAC
                   225 W. Carl Karcher Way,
                       Anaheim, CA 92801

Speaker, Jacqueline Miller, Esq.Office of Clients’ Right Advocacy Attorney/Advocate will give us a talk on IHSS.  This talk is particularly important for young families.  Know your rights and the benefits you are entitled to. (More...)




CPAD Corner (November 2019)

CPAD - LA Headquarter

September 26, 2019, CPAD’s 30th Anniversary Fundraising GALA  -- Wonderful event”, “Enjoyable”, “Festive”, “Amazing & Fun” are some of the comments from the guests. Board members, board advisors, parent volunteers and their families worked tirelessly planning, organizing, publicizing and working throughout the event. The Gala was a success, helping CPAD to raise net $75,000—one big step not only in funding toward our Activity Center goal, but also a great encouragement to CPAD’s board and parent volunteer members. (More...)

2019 CPAD 30th Anniversary Fund Raising Gala

CPAD OC Chapter

10/19/2019 CPAD Orange County Charter held its first ever group birthday party. Families and friends gathered to celebrate the birthdays of those amazing children whose birthdays are in the last quarter.  We had a great party, everyone loved the music, the dance, the balloons, the cake, and the special guest -- Elmo. (More...)

2019 CPAD OC Chapter November Birthday Party