CPAD Information (June 2017)

Bring back Camp, Social Rec, & restore Respite!

Why do we need these services back?  Respite reduces the stress experienced by families and oftentimes allows a trusted relative or friend to provide the service. Some families prefer camp or social recreation services because of the added benefit of group social opportunities for the individual while the family is taking a break from their care. For some, a blending of these services meets their needs best. In 2009, many services, including these, were cut to save money. In a recent Budget hearing, Democrats and Republicans both said they understand just how valuable these services are to our community. They are interested in restoring them. But we need to put the pressure on to make sure this happens! And we have to act fast, because our chance ends Thursday, when the hearings are finished.

Everybody must remind the Governor, his accountants, Senate President Kevin de León, and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, that bringing this back helps families! (More ...)

Camp TECHie 2017 - Six weeks of Social and Life Skills Activities for Ages 5 - 11. Please notice registration deadline has been extended to June 27th. (More ...)

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