CPAD Corner (June 2013)


CPAD Alhambra Headquarter - Saturday Program

Alhambra Saturday Program “Dominoes Contest” - 6/8/2013, last day of the Spring session. Mrs. Lee arranged a very special party to celebrate with all students who have completed their tasks, and to show our appreciation to the support of volunteers. The party kicked off with the performance of an English song with sign language.  It was followed by group games led by teacher May.  The climax of the day was the Dominoes contest run by Dr. Jang’s class.  It must have been fun since we heard bursts of laughter from each participating group. Darin Lee won the first place while Freddy Yun and Jenny Lee came in second and third. Congratulations!

We would like to thank all volunteers who have supported us throughout the year.  Our special thanks go to teachers May Fu and Dr. Jang for their guidance; Sister Sherry Ku from Tzu-Chi and their youth leaders Tiffany Chen and Wilson.  We also appreciate the contributions by Tri Luu. With their support, we have had a great year. We wish to see you again in September!

Alhambra Abel’s Youth Singing Group – Abel's Youth Singing Group will open 2 spaces for our CPAD children.  Parent who would like your child to learn singing, and learn more about this, please contact Abel Lam at (626) 216-4141.

CPAD Orange County Chapter - Member workshop

OC Chapter Art Workshop - OC will have Art Workshop for 3-classes series (5/4, 6/1, 7/6).  Come join us for the fun. We thank our volunteer, Josephine Ren, for designing and organizing the workshops.  We also thank her and her fellow volunteers for conducting these highly anticipated workshops, totally free of charge.  Please RSVP to Mimi (714-267-6009).  

To view CPAD June Corner, please open the following PDF file:  CPAD 6-13 Corner