CPAD Corner (July 2014)

CPAD Alhambra Headquarter:

CPAD Saturday Class - The next school year will start in September' 2014.  CPAD will expand training for kids ages 8-13.  A new teacher, Ms. Penny, who holds an MA degree in Drama; and currently, is an afterschool instructor at Salvation Army, and work as administrative director.  Ms. Penny will teach students to interact with one another through music and drama.  It is a blessing that the popular Art teacher, Ms. Lo, will take time to teach the children, make sure you do not pass up the opportunity to join. Wish everyone a happy summer!

CPAD Orange County Chapter:

OC Chapter Zumba Dance Class - To provide our hard working parents an opportunity to exercise and an outlet for relieving stress, OC Chapter invited parent Judy to come to give us Zumba classes on the first Saturday afternoon of each month, at 2 pm to 4 pm, starting in April, 2014.  More classes are scheduled for the coming months of July, August, and September.

During the class, everyone moved with music, stepping forward and backward, left and right, twisting this way and that way, trying one’s best to follow the teacher’s lead.  When one had difficulty catching up, it was perfectly okay to just step in place.  All got a total workout.  Mimi described it the best: her legs were shaky when she climbed stairs at home after the class!

Zumba dance class


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