CPAD Corner (November 2014)

CPAD Alhambra Headquarter:

cpad youth program



CPAD Fall Saturday Program is resumed on 9/27/2014



CPAD Orange County Chapter: Parent Support Workshop

September 20, 2014, CPAD Orange County Chapter – CPAD Parents, Mr. T.D. Lee, Mrs. Li Lee, and Vanda Yung, brought three CPAD consumers: Jenny Lee, Nanette Yung and Joshua Chen to share their views and experiences in post-secondary education/trainings options in UCLA Pathway program, Project Search, Pathpoint, Taft College, Generation NeXt, Cypress College, and Fullerton College. Mrs. Yung prepared a video presentation for her daughter, Nanette, to introduce her Project Search job internship at the UCLA Medical Center and Job training Day Program at the VA hospital.

There are many programs available in LA and surrounding areas that can help prepare our young adults for independent living, job training, and other essential skills.  Although the search for the ideal program for our loved ones is highly individualized, it is possible for parents with similar age children to pool the resources and energy together to do research and visit various programs/schools in a more effective and efficient manner.  It is never too early to think about your child's transition from school to society!

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