CPAD Corner (January 2018)

CPAD LA Headquarter

First Walk n Roll Disability Awareness Fair

2017 Walk n Roll Disability Awareness FairOn October 15, 2017, CPAD parent volunteers participated at theFirst Walk N Roll festive community fair hosted by the APIDS's (Asian Pacific Islander with Disaility of California).This first of its kind wvent was hosted in celebration of Disability Awareness Month, at the Alhambra, East Los Angeles Regional Center's campus. (More..)

12/9/2017 CPAD Year End Party - The party was a major success with everyone celebrating like a big family. The day was filled with music, laughter, and holiday joy. The celebration was also sparked by a festive lantern dance by CPAD’s Rainbow Dancers. Family members, kids and young people were delighted with gift bags consisted of toys and various gifts donated from Congresswoman Judy Chu, the SoCal Gas Company and other doners. (More..)

CPAD Orange County Chapter

12/16/2017 CPAD OC Chapter Year end PartyTime flies.  The end of 2017 is just around the corner.  The families of CPAD OC Chapter got together for our annual year-end celebration.  Started around 10am on this Saturday, parents and volunteers got busy in setting up and decorating the party hall.  Gifts piled under the Christmas tree.  Every table was decorated with cute and colorful crafts.  It became lively, welcoming, and festive!  We really appreciate the tireless and creative efforts of our supporters and volunteers. (More..)