CPAD Corner (August 2018)

Tiger IEP Class & Saturday Summer Camp

Tiger IEP Training classes - From January to July 2018, CPAD held a total of 7 monthly Tiger IEP Training classes for parents. Ms. Qiongyue Hu, JD from Harvard law school was the instructor of this IEP training. She used Mandarin to explain each topic in detail. These topics include: What is IEP, record and organization; eligibility and assessment.... (More..)

2018 CPAD Tiger Tiger IEP Training

Saturday Summer Camp - This year, 13 members of CPAD participated Saturday Summer Camp; Because it is a small class system, coaches and parent assistants were more able to interact with the students. In the air-conditioned auditorium, students were relaxed to learn basketball and karate. We are fortunate to have two very understanding coaches, who know how to drive the students interested to the activities. Students are very conscientious of learning. Three of them were not moving much; but, you could see their way of participating and learning from their faces and smiles.

2018 Saturday Summer Camp

CPAD Las Vegas Fun Trip

CPAD family fun trip article contributed by CPAD parent Michael Young - My family of 3 participated in this year’s CPAD family fun trip starting July 22. It was a 3-day trip to Las Vegas. On the day of departure, our group of more than 50 rode rather comfortably on a tour bus arranged by Jenny Chiu in spite of the scorching heat. We even stopped for a delicious seafood buffet lunch that definitely started our trip on a positive note. Shortly before we arrived at L.V., we visited the Seven Magic Mountain which is an artistic arrangement of several pillars of colorful stones in the backdrop of the brownish landscape of the desert, just like an oasis that refreshed us. In the afternoon, we arrived at our destination, the Excalibur Hotel which is located in the heart of the L.V. Strip and is quite convenient as a launching place for a casual walk to the nearby hotels and shops.... (More..)

2018 CPAD Las Vegas Field Trip