CPAD Information (May 2008)

CPAD regular support group will continue to be held on 4th Tuesday of each month. Time is 10 a.m. to 12 noon. Followings are the topics of May and June.

5/27/2008 - CPAD President Rachel Chen, she was in California Community of Practice Secondary Transition Navigating the Road Map to Success conference which was presented by California Department of Education for 2 days (4/27 & 4/28). She will share what she had learned from the conference with our parents on 5/27/2008.

6/24/2008 Rose Wang will share what she learned at CPRC Regional Conference. The topic will be Resolving Conflict (with schools and regional centers.) In addition, Parents are welcome to bring your issues. We will try to help you.

To view all the information in this issue, please open the following PDF file: CPAD Information (May 2008)