Dragon Boat Race Festivals

7/30/2006 Dragon Boat Race Festivals:
Every July, there are approximately 150 teams from all over the world that participate in the Dragon Boat races. This year, our team, Team CPAD, participated with 12 disabled children and six volunteers. While we only had one month’s time to train, all 18 members of our team managed to come together to work as one unit while still having lots of fun. Because of our hard work and effort, we won a trophy for second place.  Even if we didn’t win first place, our team’s will to win is stronger than ever and we are looking forward to next year’s race.

This year was our third year participating in the Dragon Boat race festivals. We had a very good coach and who taught everyone involved parents, children, and volunteers alike, to have a good time and enjoy the festival’s atmosphere.  Those who are interested in dragon boat racing are encouraged to apply for our team early.  They will definitely be involved in a bunch of fun activities and gain a lot of experience from such an event.

P.S. Much thanks to the hosts efforts to help support CPAD and its team. We also especially like to thank our coach, steersman, and the parents, especially Virginia Liao and Eric Jan.