2010 CPAD Happy Yosemite National Park Field Trip


August 21 - 23, 2010, CPAD “San Francisco & Yosemite, Napa Valley,  Monterey 3 Day Happy Trip”

Fees: $150 per person for the 1st two person; 3rd person is $30 (must stay in the same hotel room with the 1st two person).  Include round trip, 2 nights at Hilton Hotel, tips and Sunday & Monday breakfast.  Lunch & dinner are not included).  Family with CPAD children participate will be awarded $100 per family by Mrs. Tak Lee.

Meeting time and Place:

8/21/10, Saturday:    

7:00 am at Puente Hill Mall Macy's parking lot (face to Azusa Ave.)

7:45 am at Chinese Cultural Center, 9443 Telestar Ave, El Monte

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  2010 Happy Yosemite National Park Field Trip