Thoughts on Travel - 2010 Yosemite Field Trip

I love to go to San Francisco and Yosemite trip; I went with my mom and dad.  We were on the bus very often.  It was a fun, awesome, and excited adventure.  I was in the back of the bus with James and Charlene.

Tina took a good picture on her cell phone when we were on the bus.  This is me with Charlene.

Many people performed in the bus.  I like to sing in front of everybody.  The song is called "Lemon tree" , and I dedicated it to my Rainbow dance group.

It was very hot outside.  My mom made me walking up and down the big buildings, mountains, and water fall.  My dad took a lot of pictures.  I was very tired of walking around.

Sometimes I have beauty sleep just like Princess Mia.  I woke up next morning and I felt that I was not tired anymore.      (Jenny Lee)

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