2011 CPAD San Diego Field Trip



2011 CPAD San Diego SeaWorld & Balboa Park 2-Day Happy Trip

Sea World Ship Wreck


On August 27-28, 2011 (Saturday to Sunday), CPAD will hold its “Annual Field Trip - 2 days Happy Trip to San Diego SeaWorld & Balboa Park.”  Our first day trip will tour San Diego SeaWorld, watch penguins, sea lions, dolphins and other marine animals' incredible exciting performances, and also watch fireworks at night.


Balboa park

Our next day's trip will tour Balboa Park. Balboa park has fifteen museums, various gardens, arts.... etc.  It is a place that offers something historical, horticultural, educational and recreational for every one!

To view Trip information, please open the following PDF file:  2011 CPAD San Diego Field Trip