2015 Charity Gala Nights For CPAD Activity Center

May 23, 2015 Press Meeting at San Gabriel Mission Playhouse

Tak Lau Charity Foundation_Smart Entertainment Charity Gala Nights

2015 May 23 & 24 Charity Gala Nights

The 2 night Special fundraising for CPAD Activity Center organized by Ms. Tak Lau and  Mr. Bill Woo was a resounding feat.  Performers included famed Hong Kong TV star/singer Nancy Sit (薛家燕) and Lau Wai Ming (劉惠鳴), who had performed for CPAD before.  From China, famous TV hosts Mr. Qichang He (何其昌), Mr. Gangyi Feng (馮剛毅) made a special trip to LA, together with local supporters Mrs. Susanna Lam, Ms. Sabrina Huang and Mr. Brian Pan all came to perform.  

CPAD wants to thank Tak Lau Charity Foundation and Smart Entertainment for their generous contributions and tirelessly backing to make this event an overwhelming success. We also thank all the volunteers and those who contributed to this event. CPAD is happy to announce funds  raised in this event totaled $54,747. This is certainly a giant step forward towards erecting our CPAD Activity Center.  

To view more pictures and detail, please visit Chinese Daily USA (環球通訊社): http://www.uscnd.com/article/article-c185340.aspx