Good News - Transmitters & Headphones Added

GOOD NEWS! CPAD recently bought 2 sets of transmitters and 12 headphones for meeting translation use. In the past, CPAD was using the equipment from Family Resource Center (FRC) at ELARC.  Thanks to the CPRC grant, we now have our own equipment to provide Mandarin and Cantonese translation!   We will use them on our 11/11/2006 Parent Training.

Newly added VCR Tapes

Recently CPAD/CPRC added a new complete set VCR tape of : “LifeSmart” to our library . Consist:

- PeopleSmart 1 & 2
- JobSmart 1 & 2
- DateSmart 1 & 2
- SaftySmart 1 & 2
- MoneySmart 1 & 2

Excellent educational material!  Parents and children are encouraged to watch them at CPAD/CPRC office.  Please call our hot-line (626) 307-3837 to set-up your time.

My Child, My Love - Our Own Story Book

My Child, My Love – CPAD is planning to publish our own story book that will cover stories told by parents, siblings, family members, teacher…, etc.  We believe you can best connect your side of the story, share your feelings and can help others to understand your child, as well as our work and our feeling as a group.  We encourage our parents send in their stories.  A very best way to support each others!  Parents please contact Mrs. Li Lee, or e-mail your stories to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Bear Mountain Resort - Adaptive Winter Group Ski

Bear Mountain Resort - Adaptive Winter Group Ski shall open Monday through Friday - From 1/8/2007 to 3/16/2007 (1/15/07 & 2/13/07 closed due to holiday).

On 10/24/2006 CPAD did registration with United States Adaptive Recreation Center (USARC) and reserved the 1st ski date : Jan 22, 2007 .

This is the 4th year CPAD participate as a group in this wonderful snow sport. Right now we already have 10 skiers for Jan. 22, 2007.  But if parents who still are interested, please contact Stella at (626) 309-9613, or Eric at (626) 715-3401 ASAP. We will try to arrange the 2nd ski date if we have 10 or more new skiers.

CPAD will pay the Group Annual membership fee.  Also CPAD will sponsor one time each student $10.  Parents are responsible for the balance lesson fees $45 per person (total lesson fees is $55), and transportation to Bear Mountain.  Number of group skier is minimum 10; maximum 20.  Each lesson is one-to-one basis, including adaptive equipment and/or teaching techniques, student will discovers the freedom of gliding down a slope and the satisfaction of self-reliance and personal accomplishment.

Ski at Bear (1)         Ski at Bear (2)

Gearing Up For The Next Climb

10/23 & 24/2006 CPAD funded 20 parents attend The First Annual Transition Summit.. “Gearing Up For The Next Climb” sponsored by the Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center, and co-sponsored by Region 11 Regional Coordinating Council, Area Board 10, CPAD, Vendor Leadership Forum and local school Districts.

In these 2 days training, a lot of the new information was presented by the outstanding speakers, also, plenty of educational material was available.  All the parents those participated were appreciated of what they had learned. We sincerely thanks both Rachel and Cindy for their tireless work to support our parents in this wonderful conference.