CPAD Newsletter (February 2008)

Autism Awareness / Early Intervention
Alternative Treatment Program Seminar

“Treatment and Training for Autisms”

Time: March 1, 2008, Saturday 2:00 - 4:00 pm
Location: First Christian Church, 220 S. 5th Street, Alhambra, CA 91801

CPAD will again invite Dr. Kanyang Wu of Ancient Acupuncture Center to give a special seminar. This is second of a series of seminars by Dr. Wu. (Last time Dr. Wu talked about “Why/how Chinese Medicine Can Treat Autism” in March 2007).

Autism is not incurable. Autism can be fully recovered with the treatments of Chinese medicine. In USA, Dr. Wu has already recovered three autism cases. Based on his clinical cases, Dr. Wu is able to bring obvious results within the first 2 months. The optimum recovery time is under age 5. Early intervention is the key to autism’s full recovery. Treatment and training must work together. They complement each other. But either of them cannot be substituted by the other. Treatment helps to create the foundation for training and training enforces the medical efficacy of treatment.

Dr. Wu has published dozens of articles in the last five years. The above information is provided by Dr. Wu. The information is presented to CPAD parents for reference only.** Refreshment is available **
** Funding provided by Pacific Life Foundation**