CPAD OC Newsletter (January 2009)

Autism Awareness/ Early Intervention
Alternative Treatment Program Seminar

“Autism Treatment with Chinese Medicine”

March 21, 2009, Saturday 2:00 - 4:00 pm
Location: CPAD Orange County Chapter
Orange County ARC (OCARC)
225 W. Carl Karcher Way, Anaheim, CA 92801

CPAD will again invite Dr. Kanyang Wu of Ancient Acupuncture Center to give a special seminar. This is third of a series of seminars by Dr. Wu. (Dr. Wu gave two seminars to CPAD parents in March 2007 and March 2008.)

Autism can be effectively treated by Chinese medicine. Dr. Wu has conducted over thirty-year’s clinical studies on autism and cerebral palsy using Chinese medicine. In USA, Dr. Wu has already recovered three autism cases. Based on his clinical cases, Dr. Wu is able to bring obvious results within the first 2 months. The optimum recovery time is under age 5. Early intervention is the key to autism’s full recovery. As his primary treatment method, Dr. Wu uses his unique acupoint therapeutic massage (aka Wu’s Tuina) with supplemental Chinese herbal medicine.

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