CPAD Corner (May 2010)

4/17/2010 Chinese Opera fundraiser turned out was beyond expectation. We deeply appreciated Mrs. Tak Lee, CPAD Board member, for graciously sponsored this event. She spent 6 months planning and charting every detail, selecting all the gorgeous costumes, and preparing the posters as well as the program. We also discovered that Mrs. Lee was a very talented performer. Her performance in portraying the infamous spoiled princess thoroughly impressed her audience. Mrs. Lee said her goal was to promote the art of Cantonese Opera and to raise funds for CPAD.

With the support of community organizations; like-minded citizens, and the dedicated performers from Cao Mei music C|ub & Yuet Sing music C|ub, CPAD was able to raise $6,055 that evening. The funds will be used on CPAD Saturday programs.

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