CPAD Corner (July 2010)


On May 17-19, 2010, CPAD trainers Vanda Yung and Mei Ye attended the National FAST (Family Advocacy Support and Training) Project training conference in Washington, D.C. This conference was organized by PACER (Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights) Center, the attendees being hundreds of FAST trainers across America. The conference and training session revolved around 4 major topics, including “Getting and Keeping the First Job”, “The Journey to Adulthood: What Parents Need to Know”, and “Working for Change: Using the Power of a Personal Story”. Subsequently after the conference, trainees immediately used their newfound knowledge and techniques at Capitol Hill by meeting with senators and House representatives. Vanda and Mei were able to meet with House Rep. Judy Chu and told stories that expressed and embodied the concern of every CPAD parent.

On May 22, 2010, at the San Gabriel Community Health Education (CHEC), Chinese Parents Association for the disabled (CPAD) held a "Family Fun Day" celebration.  People who care about the disabled, CPAD children and their Parents together spend a great day to celebrate the event.   The climax of the event was the stage drama “Monkey King” which was performed by several CPAD children.  Many of them were performing on stage the first time.  When parents saw their child performed so well on stage it has touched their heart.  CPAD’s goal is to hope that one day all our children can perform on the stage. There also has talent show: Kara OK, violin solo, slide lectures, etc. All these demonstrated parents, the schools and community social related organizations’ diligent efforts, to help our children build confidence, and develop their talents.....

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