CPAD Corner (August 2011)

CPAD - USARC Water Ski Training

USARC Training

On 7/14/2011, 10 of CPAD children, including 2 children from Orange County Chapter were enjoying the exciting fun water program provided by U.S. Adoptive Recreation Center - Water Ski Training held at Big Bear Lake (USARC).  

In addition to the water ski, water bike, this year USARC specially added a new water board exercise program for young children.


CPAD - Orange County Chapter

On 7/16/2011, CPAD Orange Chapter meeting - Mr. Jack Stanton, the Chief Counselor of Orange County Regional Center, was the keynote speaker.  Among Mr. Stanton’s various duties is conducting seminars on emergency preparedness throughout the RCOC district.

OC Regional Center

Mr. Stanton urged CPAD parents to have a personal emergency plan in place and that everyone in the family knows what to do in an emergency. Such a plan should include an emergency supply kit that contains copies of your important documents (passport, social security card, drivers license), as well as, medical supplies, food and water for up to 3 days at minimal .....

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