CPAD Corner (March 2012)

CPAD Alhambra Headquarter  - Chinese New Year Celebration Party

Dr. Jang


On 2/11/12, CPAD held its sixth consecutive year of organized Chinese New year Celebration Party at Monterey Park City's Ocean Star Restaurant. U.S. House of Respresentative, Congresswoman Judy Chu, at the venue to congratulate and gave speech to CPAD parents and special guests.  She said, “Early society is relatively closed and private. CPAD is the first Chinese organizatin that led the children with special needs out of the home towards the stage, to integrate into the society.  She is very pleased, over the years, and watched CPAD growth and growing stronger.  She is looking forward seeing CPAD can continue to work hard to create a better future for the children.” During the event, she is also, on behalf of the Members' Office, awarded certificates to the people who have made contribution and support to CPAD.  (photo:  Congresswoman Judy Chu awarded Dr. Allen Jang for his contribution and support to CPAD)   

AB Bonsai

This year the honoree of the special recognition award is  Dr. Allen Jang, CPAD basketball class coach, and chess instructor.  Last year he organized a chess competition, and basketball shooting contest for our children, also held a "spiritual naturopathy" workshop for parents who have children with autism. He is very popular among parents, and also CPAD children's favorite teacher.  The 2nd persons awarded are CPAD parents: Bing Xing Liu, and his wife, Alice Li.  Over the past six years Chinese New Year Celebration, they have donated many bonsai plants and lucky decorations as the use for our Silent Auction for our fund-raising at the event, and this year they donated $ 1,000.  We are really moved, and thank them for their generous.   The third awardees are our board member: Tak Lee and her husband, Kenneth Lee for six years in a row to sponsor our Chinese New Year Celebration party. They saved money planned for the birthday party, and traveling fees to support this meaningful event, All CPAD members extend the deepest gratitude to them. (photo:  Congresswoman Judy Chu awarded Bing Xing Liu and Alice Li for their contribution and support to CPAD)

CPAD Orange County Chapter - Parent Support Workshops

On 1/21/2012, CPAD Orange County Chapter parent support workshop speaker, Ms. Lizeth Granados, Member Liaison Manager of CalOptima gave a talk about CalOptima.  She stated CalOptima manages Medi-cal benefits for eligible Orange County resients.  It covers physician services, hospital services, lab tests and X-rays, prenatal care, immunizations, durable medical equipment, long term care, and many others.

CalOptima provides language interpreter and translation services at no cost.  One-week advance notice is required for face-to-face interpreter service ....

RCOC - Ms. Butler


On 2/18/2012, Ms. Suzanne Butler of Regional Center of Orange County (RCOC) Insurance and Benefits Specialist gave OC Chapter parents a talk in Cash Benefits:  SSA and SSI.  SSA, also known as Title II benefits are earned benefits.  It includes benefits for minor children, benefits for blind or disabled adults (SSDI, SSDAC) and retirement benefits.  Medicare is the health insurance that accompanies SSA benefits.  Medicare eligibility starts two years after SSA adult benefits begins. SSI (supplemental security income or Title XVI benefits) is for U.S. citizens, have low income and limited resources and are aged 65 or older, or blind, or disabled.  (photo:  Ms. Suzanne Butler of Orange County Regional Center explains Medicare is the health insurance that accompanies SSA benefits.)

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