CPAD Corner (May 2012)

CPAD Alhambra Headquarter - “My Karaoke DVD” Project

With the rapid advancement of technologies, we may wonder, would our children with developmental challenges ever by able to catch up? Would they be able t use a laptop computer? Would they be able to create a DVS with the contents that they want? Well, we would not know until we let them try!

Since last fall, we have been working on an experimental project called “My Karaoke DVD” involving about 10 young adult children with the help of several parents.  The lyrics of the karaoke songs they sing are always accompanied by some background video which are seldom relevant to our children.  So an idea came up, can our children make a karaoke DVD that has the same lyrics but has a different video background, a background that they can relate to, or ..... (Michael Yung)


CPAD Orange County Chapter - Parent Support Workshop

On April 21, 2012, CPAD Orange County Chpater - Ms. Jacqueline Miller of Disability Rights California gave us a talk in recent Lanterman Act Changes.  There are 11 changes in the Law:  Details of these changes can be found in  Ms. Miller discussed these changes, especially how financial management services are implemented in Orange County that affected all our families.  Ms. Bernadette Bautista, also come from Disability Rights California, told CPAD parents how she can help our young adult children with employment services through Department of Rehabilitation funding.

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