CPAD Corner (September 2012)

CPAD Alhambra Headquarter - Saturday Program

CPAD Saturday classes will be held on every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month, except Holidays or when CPAD holds special event. 

For the Fall/Winter session, classes will be held on the following dates:  9/22/12, 10/13/12, 10/27/12, 11/10/12, 1/12/13, and 2/23/13. 

For the Spring session, classes will be held on the following dates:  3/9/13, 3/23/13, 4/13/13, 4/27/13, 5/25/13, and 6/8/13. 

On each of the above Saturday, we will have four classes:

From 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm:        Social/Interact
From 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm:        Art
From 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm:        PE and/or Basketball
From 3:45 pm - 4:30 pm:        Karaoke

All classes will be held at the following location: 

      220 South Fifth Street,
       Alhambra, Ca 91801 

Li Lee (Program Coordinator)

CPAD 2012 Grand Canyon Field Trip

On 8/22 - 8/26/2012 CPAD families went on an awe-inspiring trip this year.  In the past, we have tried many different transportation carriers and expanded from a one-day bus tour to a four-day cruise, and we were ready and prepared to try something new.  This year, we decided to ride the train to the Grand Canyon for a different experience.  

weather in grand canyon

The weather in Grand Canyon was perfect during our stay from Thursday to Saturday (8/23-8/25).  We toured the west side of the South Rim on a motor coach on Thursday as a group, and split up on the other day to explore. Although thunder storms are common there during monsoon season, it came as quite a surprise to our group .....Thanks to the convenient shuttle bus system, we could choose where to visit or take a hike. Many trails were paved and some areas even provided a wheel-chair-accessible path.  Birds chirped along every trail and sometimes we spotted squirrels that scampered all over the place.  One special thing worth mentioning is the water refill stations in many convenient places.  Everyone was encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle or buy one so we can keep the park clean and reduce plastic waste at the same time (detailed exciting canyon tour, see corner PDF file)

CPAD OC Chapter - Parent Support Meeting - 

special needs trust - William Brodak attorney

On 8/18/2012 Attorney Mr. William Brodak gave CPAD OC parents a talk on “Special Planning for Special People – A Conversation about Special Needs Trusts”.  He discussed the importance of estate planning, the purpose and organization of a trust, and in particular, special needs trusts.  Mr. Brodak raised many questions surrounding special needs trusts, such as: guardianship/conservatorship, medical care needs, successor guardians/conservators, professional vs. non-professional fiduciary, trust protector, trust advisory committee, potential trust assets, public benefits (SSI, Medi-Cal, IHSS, Section 8 Housing, etc.) ..... 

oc chapter children playingWhile parents were listening attentively in the meeting, OC Chapter children were joyfully playing the music instruments under the care by the volunteers.

To view detailed Corner articles, please open the following PDF files:  CPAD 9-12 Corner