CPAD Corner (October 2012)

CPAD CPRC Workshop - “Vision: A Bridge From Present To The Future”


On 9/29/2012, Ms. Mary Hosokawa, a mother and also a specialist of Education Inclusion shared the information of the importance of “Vision”. Her son Matthew and her client Nasrin Sabokpey together with CPAD parent, Mei Ye, also share their successful stories on Vision with our parents on that day. At end of the workshop, Parent, Mei Ye, was invited by parents to talk about how to set up the planning.

Parents are excited to know about how to plan and set up the Vision Goals for their love ones.


CPAD Orange County Chapter - Parent Support Meeting

On 9/15/2012, CPAD  Parent Virginia Liao shared her experience in raising an autistic child.  Their son is now 30 years old.  He was first diagnosed with autism when he was 3 years old.  Ever since then, his entire family had embarked on the journey of helping him to develop into a well-balanced, independently living, contributing member of the society.  Virginia shared that her emphasis had been on gaining knowledge, digesting it, and figuring out how to apply what she learned on her child.  She encouraged us to look at our problem from a different perspective.

CPAD Orange County Chapter - Saturday Music Therapy Class

On 10/6/2012, OC music therapy courses, directed by new teacher, Ms. Tian Chiang. In addition to individual one-on-one lessons, there is a one-hour group lesson. Parents and children sit around in a large circle, each person holding a musical instrument they chose, with teacher's alternating volume from soft to loud, and vary her sound from silence to a quick tempo to train children's ability to respond.

At another activity, Ms. Chiang invites children to sit on the floor, gathered together to play the Rainbow Kids Play Parachute, this activity makes use of a colorful parachute suddenly covered on everyone's head; and then, immediately lift it up.  Each child has a different reaction, some express happiness and laughter, others are stunned, a wide range of facial expressions, that constitute a very interesting picture.

music class 9 - 5

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