CPAD Corner (March 2013)

CPAD Alhambra Headquarter --

CPAD Chinese New Year Celebration - CPAD celebrated the 2013 Lunar Chinese New Year at Ocean Star Restaurant in Monterey Park.  Long time supporter of CPAD, the Honorable Congresswoman Judy Chu arrived to give a brief speech of congratulations and wish everyone luck in the new year.  She also presented distinguished contribution awards to: architect Tim Cho, for his support the overall design of the coming CPAD Activity Center, CPAD parent Mr. Xiaogang Wang, for his active role in connecting media, creating posters, and promoting CPAD’s activities throughout the years, and Mrs. Tak Lee for her generous 7th consecutive year’s contribution to this event. 

In the party, the beautiful voice of the CPAD Youth Choir warmed and touched the audience; the Rainbow dancers’ graceful Flower Drum Dance awed everyone. The Tai-chi sword play, the magic show, and the blessing by the God of Wealth, etc., were all unusually brilliant.  The colorful dragon dancers crisscrossed among the tables was extraordinarily exciting, that was the highlight of the party.  The guests, the CPAD families, and children were all lit up with pleasure; they all wished the best to one another.  The party ended with a happy note, as usual.

dragon dance

CPAD Orange County Chpater - Parent Support Meeting

“Parent Gathering” MeetingOn 2/16/2013, parents got together to discuss what’s been learned in the past years and what to plan for 2013.  We also shared our experience in dealing with Regional Center (respite and other services), school districts (IEP, etc.), health insurance for ABA, and Social Services (IHSS).  Also discussed were our concerns about issues specific to young adolescents.  It was obvious that we need to get more information/training regarding how to handle inappropriate behavior in the public places, our liabilities, and so forth.

Parent, Mr. Kenny Yu, CPA, announced that he will conduct one-on-one consultation sessions for our parents on 3/2 as a continuation of his seminar on 1/19/13.  We thank him for his service to our community.  We also celebrated Chinese New Year with a lot of delicious food and of course red envelopes for our children.  We had a productive and happy time together.

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