2017 Corner (June 2017)

CPAD LA Headquarter

CPAD Mother's Day Celebration - On May 20, 2017, CPAD parents and children enjoyed a special event sponsored by the generous Lady Tsai. Our exceptional children presented red carnation flowers to their moms to express gratitude and love. Lady Tsai’s group not only brought nutritious lunch for everyone, but also gave each family a goodie-bag. The most fun experience for many families was participating or seeing their children participate in the group dances (More...)

An outreach to our community - on 4/27 and 4/30/17, CPAD has participated in the Santa Fe Spring Community Resource Fair and West Covina's 25th Family Information Fair & Festival sponsored by East LA Regional Center and Parents Place respectively. (More...) 

CPAD Ornage County Chapter

On 4/15/2017, CPAD Orange County Chapter – Attorney John Kim gave us a talk on “Living Trust and Special Need Trust”.  He discussed living trust and special needs trust in detail. (More...)