CPAD Newsletter (May 2007)

L.A. Care “Building Connection” - June Health Presentation

“Epilepsy” & “Oral Health”

6/9/2007 Saturday 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm - “Epilepsy” - Presenter: Maria McGrath, RN, Maria is Rachel’s mom, and CPAD member. In addition to her professional job, she also has a lot of experience in supporting Rachel’s continues seizure needs. She will explain and discuss the following with us:
- Definition of Epilepsy
- How to get help
- How to maintain quality of life after a diagnosis of Epilepsy
- Impact on family
- Our family experience with Epilepsy
- Discussion and questions
6/23/2007 Saturday 2:00 pm to 4 pm – “Oral Health” – Presenter: Virginia Santos from USC School of Dentistry Special Patient Clinic. 2 years ago Ms. Santos came and met with our parents; she did a wonderful presentation on Oral Health and promised she would come back for another presentation. This time she specially comes to discuss and present to us:
Tooth Brush Instruction & Nutritional Consulting

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