CPAD Corner (May 2007)

4/18/2007 ARCA Grassroots Day – CPAD consumers Rachel McGrath, Bryce Hosokawa, Joshua Chen, and Vincent Chow got together on this day and visited the State Capital in Sacramento, on behalf of San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center and Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center. This is an annual event for all 21 Regional Centers in California to help some of their consumers to talk to their state legislators. All four consumers from CPAD had an opportunity to speak with and share their own stories with their state senators and assembly members. These consumers also wanted to educate their legislators about their special needs and not to vote for certain bills and budget proposals that can negatively impact the consumers.

Overall, the meeting with different legislators was very encouraging and everyone participated had a very exhilarating experience.

Interestingly, the consumers were also being invited by Assembly Members Kevin De Leon & Anthony Portantino to visit their offices in Los Angeles.

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