CPAD Corner (July 2007)

Letters from Parents

My son Joshua got into public school when he was four. At that time, he was not talking. He started in a Severe Language Delayed Class. He had to learn how to talk. When he went to first grade, he went to a Special Day Class. He starts learning how to read. He stayed in Special Day Class until he finish fifth grade. In the sixth grade, he began to be included in regular classes until he graduated from high school. In his last year of high school, he attended four classes in the morning at high school and two classes at Rio Hondo College in the afternoon. He is slowly transitioning into college. This fall he will participate in the Pathway program at UCLA. This program is “designed for students with special needs. The school accepts 16 students into the two-year certificate program in September and will enroll another 16 next year. Students will be housed in a Westwood Village apartment in shared rooms.” Our children can learn but they need to learn at their own pace. We should never give-up hope and always give them our supports. The sky is the limit.

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