CPAD Newsletter (March 2007)

Community Parent Resource Center, CPRC Parent Resource Training
“IEP Education Pathway – Infant to Adult”
– to help parents to be their children’s best advocate
Time: March 27, 2007, Tuesday, 8:30 am – 1:30 pm
Location: ELARC 1000 S. Fremont Ave., Alhambra — Boardroom

Dear Parents:Time flies, spring is here! Many of our parents will be busy scheduling activities for the coming Spring break, while some of them will work hard on their children’s up coming IEP meetings too. CPAD understands how important the IEP process means to our parents; therefore, we, together with ELARC, OCR, TASK, and ELAFRC, will conduct a very educating workshop, namely “IEP Education Pathway – Infant to Adult”, to help parents to be their children’s best advocate. The workshop will provide parents with valuable information in areas such as early start transition, educational rights, and a discussion of the IEP process. The workshop will conclude with strategies for adult transition. For registration, please call CPAD hotline (626) 307-3837。

Besides the March’s IEP workshop, we also invite Ms. Suzanne Galindo, TASK’s advocate and also a parent to come to our April 24’s Parent Support Group meeting for more individualized support. Please reserve your time for this great opportunity.
(Funding provided by the U.S. Department of Education)

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CPAD Corner (March 2007)

2/24/2007 – CPAD Chinese New Year Party was a very warm, cozy and fun party. Everyone enjoyed the program , delicious food & wonderful program! Thanks to our sponsor Mrs. Tak Lee.

3/3/2007 – Dr. Wu’s detail information on Chinese medicine and the treatment of Autism by applying the unique acupuncture point therapeutic massage gave us a good idea of how they may work while western medicine so far has not provided a solution. Dr. Wu’s presentation also helped our parents identify that there may be an alternative treatment for our young autistic children.To encourage CPAD parents, Mr. Tony Ye donated $350 to CPAD for families with autistic children to be benefited from Dr. Wu’s Chinese medicine treatment. Mr. Ye outlined following requirement:
- The family must be a member of CPAD
- The autistic child must complete a two-month
treatment program using Chinese medicine from
Dr. Wu of Ancient Acupuncture Center
- The autistic child must be under 10 years old
- The family can receive $10 reimbursement per
treatment from this fund.

Parents, who are interested, please contact Lina Yuan (310)539-5852 or Mimi Chou at (714)761-8657, a.s.a.p.!

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CPAD Newsletter (February 2007)

Why/how Chinese Medicine Can Treat Autism

Time: March 3, 2007, Saturday, 2:00 pm to 4:00pm
Location: Community Health Education Center (CHEC)
261 Junipero Serra, San Gabriel, CA 91776

CPAD will hold a special seminar. Guest speaker is Dr. Kanyang Wu of Ancient Acupuncture Center.  Dr. Wu was vice-director level doctor in China. He has conducted over thirty-year’s clinical studies on autism and cerebral palsy using Chinese medicine.

Dr. Wu has treated 40 cases of autism and cerebral palsy. Great improvement has been demonstrated in every case. Three autism cases and two cerebral palsy cases have been fully recovered. Based on his clinical cases, Chinese medicine is very effective for treating autism. With his thirty years’ experience, Dr. Wu can bring obvious results within the first 1 to 2 months. The optimum recovery time is under age 5.  Dr. Wu’s primary treatment is his unique acupoint therapeutic massage with supplemental Chinese herbal medicine.

Chinese medicine has its own theories and practice for clinical treatment. Dr. Wu will explain to us in these areas. Dr. Wu has published dozens of articles in the last five years.

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CPAD Corner (February 2007)

Canine Companions for Independence is planning to use Nikita and Morell photo as advertising on the bus in the Northeast region of California, with the possibility of national expansion to other areas. Next time when you see Nikita and Morell picture on the bus, don’t forget to say Hi to them!

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CPAD Coner (January 2007)

Happy New Year 2007!

Unlike previous yearend parties, our 12/2/2006 yearend party included a segment to honor members Tak Lee, Li Hua Lee, and Stella Chow by CPAD for their 15 years of distinguished volunteer work in serving our members and their families.  As always, students and members of Tze-Chi Chinese Academy came.  They provided us a lot of fun programs, good food, and good feelings that exist only among close friends.  We appreciate their supports and friendship.

Assemblymember Judy Chu, our old friend and supporter who had recently won the election to become a commissioner of the State Board of Equalization, joined us to celebrate.  She also presented certificates of recognition from her office to the 3 members commending their contribution to the community.  We deeply appreciate everything Judy had done for us and wish her the best in Sacramento.

In addition, our good friends and supporters Ms. Alice Thomas and Dr. Wheeler from USC UCEDD came that day and added much joy and excitement to the party.  Ms. Linda Ma from New Hope Foundation especially came to celebrate with us.  She introduced a new friend to us, Mr. Tong Wong, who is running for a seat at the Monterey Park City Council.  Welcome, Tony. 

Lastly, our sincere thanks to our teachers: Abel Lam, Pei-Fang Hwang, Linda Lo, and Suzan Chang for helping us make this celebration a very colorful one.


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