2017 Corner (June 2017)

CPAD LA Headquarter

CPAD has elected parents, Sharina Hsu and Jackie Kuang as CPAD Model Mothers, they were represent CPAD being recognized at Joint Chinese University Alumni Association of Southern California (JCUAA) on May 14, 2017. On that day, not only our 2 dear CPAD mothers, our longtime supporter and honorary public relations adviser, Alice Thomas, and our CPA Kenny Yu's wife were also among the ones being awarded. Congratulations to our wonderful, self-sacrificing mothers! (More...)

31th JCUAA Mother's Day Celebration

  CPAD Orange County Chapter

The Orange County Chapter of CPAD held its annual picnic on May 20, 2017 at Yorba Regional Park, Anaheim, CA.  Families started to arrive around 11:00am. We reserved Shelter#7's picnic tables, so we were able to chat and laugh to our hearts’ content without disturbing others. We rented three 4-seater surreys, our children and adults took turns riding them around the park. We welcomed several new families with young children into our group. It’s rare for us to enjoy an outing together.  We all had a wonderful time! (More ...)


CPAD Newsletter (April 2017)

CPAD LA Headquarter

Disability Rights California - DRC Meeting
“ Protect the Rights of People with Disability ”

Time: Saturday, April 18, 2017, 10 am - 11:30 am

Place: ELARC
1000 S. Fremont
Bldg A-6, Suite 5051
Lower Level Conference Room

Come and find out how Disability Rights California (DRC) can help you and your family! In addition, DRC would like to conduct focus groups to hear from parents about what type of issues they want DRC to work on for the next 5 year plan. In this way, they can continue to fight for equality, dignity, independence and freedom for Californians with disabilities. (More...)

CPAD Orange County Chapter

Living Trust and Special Needs Trusts

Time: April 15, 2017, Saturday, 2pm - 4 pm

Loction: OCAAC 225 W. Carl Karcher Way, Anaheim, CA 92801

Speaker: John Kim, Attorney & CPA
Agustus Firm

Attorney John will give us a talk on living trusts which allow idividuals and families to plan for their future, and also gives families opportunity to plan for their special needs children, protect their public enefits, and imprve the quality of life for their children. (More...)


CPAD Corner (April 2017)

CPAD LA Headquarter

Regional Center POS Public Meeting - CPAD parents came together on 3/25/2017 to attend both East LA Regional Center (ELARC), and San Gabriel Pomona Regional Center (SGPRC)’s Purchase of Service (POS) public meetings in the Asian Youth Center. we want to thank Dr. Wheeler and Ms. Fran Goldfarb for providing training before the public meeting to CPAD parents in better understanding of the 2016 POS data and disparity issues.  Ms. Gloria Wong and Ms. Carol Tomblin, Executive Director and Director of Information & Compliance of ELARC and SGPRC respectively, presented each Regional Center’s 2016 POS data and their newly funded State program in addressing disparity in the minority communities. Both Directors brought along each of their RCs’ new multicultural outreach staff to introduce to the community. Parents from both RCs shared their personal testimonies on service issues. (More ....)

CPAD Orange County Chapter

On 3/24/2017, Ms. Mimi Chou, the Coordinator of the Orange County Chapter of CPAD (Chinese Parents Association for the Disabled) was recognized for her outstanding dedication to her child and family, as well as others with developmental disabilities through support, compassion and advocacy in RCOC’s Annual Spotlight Awards Gala and Dinner. Other awardees were honored for their contributions as community partner, direct support professional, service provider, employer, healthcare professional, RCOC achievement, lifetime achievement and self-advocate.  (More....)


CPAD Newsletter (March 2017)

CPAD LA Headquarter:

2017 Purchase of Service Training

Time: Saturday, March 11, 2017, 10 am - 2 pm

Place: Asian Youth Center
100 Clary Ave,
San Gabriel, CA 91776

Speaker: Dr. Barbara Wheeler, Fran Goldfarb

Come and find out Disparity Data in Regional Center POS (Purchase of Services), and How to work with RCs in Accessing Services. Do you know that many Regional Center’s Purchase of Services to minority communities are much lower than the mainstream disability community? The United States and California State government are now well aware of this disparity and given the directive to address this. Beginning 2017, Regional Centers (RCs) have added multicultural specialists and special projects to help minority communities in accessing services. RCs have now scheduled public Townhall meetings to obtain inputs from families and consumers (see attached flyer for details). (More...)

CPAD Orange County Chapter:

“ POS Disparity Issue ”

Time: March 18, 2017, Saturday, 2 pm to 4 pm

Location: OCAAC
225 W. Carl Karcher Way,
Anaheim, CA 92801

Speaker:  Scarlett K. vonThenen, SCDD

Kathleen McFarlin, RCOC

Ms. vonThenen of SCDD and Ms. Ms. McFarlin of RCOC will discuss the POS disparity issues that are reviewed in a public meeting at RCOC on March 15th. (More...)


CPAD Corner (March 2017)

CPAD LA Headquarter:

The beginning of the Year of the Rooster for CPAD was signified with the new addition of 4 new parent board members--Jackie Kuang, Jean Lin, Jenny Chiu and Leck Lee.  These 4 new young parent members, being bilingual in Cantonese/ Mandarin /English, join the CPAD Board in January 2017 with valuable skills, talents and experiences from working with other parents as well as in bringing up their own special needs loved ones. We welcome them and look forward to working with them in serving our CPAD families.

On 2/18/2017, CPAD head office hosted a Chinese New Year's Party at Capital Seafood restaurant in Monterey Park. There was a huge turnout! Both US Congresswoman Judy Chu and  State  Assemblyman  Ed  Chau were there to support the event and to give out awards to a few very special people, for their exceptional contribution to CPAD – Mrs. Tak Lee, Mr. Kenny Lee, Ms. Marie Peng, and Dr. Barbara Wheeler. CPAD also ran a successful fundraiser with raffle drawings and plant auctions. Everyone became a winner when the Fortune God delivered red packets of money or chocolates to each table. Congratulations for another success!  Our special thanks to all who participated, your generous donations, including the nice raffle prizes, and especially to those who volunteered for the event.

CPAD Orange County Chapter:

On 1/21/2017, Mr. Kenny Yu, CPA, parent of OC Chapter, gave parent information loaded talk in Tax.  Among them are: IHSS income is not subject to federal and California income taxes.  For both 2016 and 2017, maximum traditional IRA or Roth IRA contribution can be up to $5,500 annually ($6,500 if age 50 or older). Also, The IRS allows you to deduct qualified medical expenses that exceed 10% of your adjusted gross income for the year. All the above are for general information purpose.  Consult a tax professional for individual situation. (More...)