CPAD Newsletter (April 2016)

Community Parent Resource Center, CPRC – Workshop

                Parent Support Group
       for Parents of School Age
      Children with Special Needs

       Time:  3rd Saturday of every month
                             1 PM - 3 PM
      Location:  Asian Youth Center (AYC) 
                        100 Clary Avenue, 
                     San Gabriel, CA 91776

Come share your experiences and parenting strategies, and learn from specialists and other parents about raising children with special needs. We welcome you to join us!  Free child care provided. (More)

CPAD Orange County Chapter - Workshop

       Introduction of Orange County
  Adult Achievement Center Programs

                 Time: April 16, 2016 
               Saturday, 1 PM - 3 PM
      Location:      OCAAC
             225 W. Carl Karcher Way, 
                  Anaheim, CA 92801

Speaker, Mike Galliano, Director of Orange County Achievement Center (OCAAC), will introduce us the various programs that OCAAC offers to the special needs community. (More)


CPAD Corner (April 2016)

CPAD 2016 New Year Celebration Party

On 3/5/2016, CPAD held its tenth consecutive year of Chinese New Year Celebration Party at Capital Seafood Restaurant in Monterey Park.Our long time and ardent supporter, the Honorable Congresswoman Judy Chu, and California Assemblyman Ed Chau came to the venue, each of them delivered a brief speech to congratulate us, and wished everyone luck in the New Year. They presented outstanding contribution awards to a number of CPAD supporters. It is worth mentioning that this event had enriched CPAD coffer to the tune of $8,000 from selling raffle tickets and art auction.CPAD want to thank all the supporters for their big-hearted endorsement. (More)

CPAD Orange County Chapter 

On 3/19/2016 CPAD Orange County Chapter – Ms. Scarlett vonThenen, State Council on Developmental Disabilities, gave us a talk in “Understanding IHSS Protective Supervision”.

Protective supervision consists of observing recipient behavior and intervening as appropriate in order to safeguard the recipient against injury, hazard, or accident. It is available for observing the behavior of non-self-directing, confused mentally impaired, or mentally ill persons that may place themselves in harms way.

Ms. vonThenen can be reached at (714) 558-4404, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . (More)


CPAD Newsletter (January 2016)

Community Parent Resource Center, CPRC – Workshop

  Accessing Regional Center Services
                  Time:    February 16, 2016
                              11 AM - 11:30 AM
            Location:   Family Resource Center
                    1000 S Fremont avenue, 
                       Alhambra, CA 91803
                     Building A-6, Suite 5051,
             (Conference Room - Lower Level)

On 2/16/2016, Family Resource Center (FRC) meeting, CPAD President, Vanda Yung, and CPRC Coordinator, Stella Chow, will join together with FRC to hold a discussin on Accessing Regional Center Services. 

Family Resource Center (FRC) - Monthly Support Group Meeting was started in July 2015, and held on every 3rd Tuesday of the month  (More ...)

CPAD Orange County Chapter: Workshop

  Conservatorship & Alternatives

              Time:     February 20, 2016
                                 2 PM - 4 PM
            Location:      OCAAC
                  225 W Carl Karcher Way,  
                      Anaheim, CA 92801

Disability Rights California, Jacqueline Miller, Esq. will be our 2/20/2016, parent meeting speaker. She will discuss Conservatorshp and its alternatives for our children.  (More ...)



CPAD Corner (January 2016)


Dear CPAD families and friends,

On behalf of the whole CPAD Board, we send you our heartfelt wishes with joy and may a joyful spirit keep glowing in your heart and families throughout 2016.

2015 has been a busy and exciting year for CPAD! This past year has demonstrated exceptional community collaboration and support for CPAD. With the support of the Chinese American Museum and Asian Youth Center (AYC), CPAD has started our Saturday activities and parent programs at the AYC.  

In addition to continuing to provide bilingual and bicultural program activities to our member families, we have been busy breaking ground on our activity center’s construction. With the continuous support of Tak Lau Charity Foundation and Smart Entertainment that sponsored two major Cantonese Opera Charity Nights and many dedicated community donors, CPAD raised a total of $111,528.68 for our Activity Center project.

In the beginning of this new year, as we get ready to take up new challenges, we need to first extend our enthusiastic appreciation to all of our generous donors.  In addition, we want to give our deepest thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers, including teachers, parents, teacher aids, donors and friends.

Thank you all for making 2015 a successsful one, and we look forward to many more wonderful collaboration with all of you in this coming year.  We welcome not only your continuous generous donation, but also your valuable volunteering as well as your suggestions. 

-Vanda YungPresident


CPAD Newsletter (November 2015)

CPAD Community Resource Center (CPRC):

        “IEP Rights and Strategies
            Date: November 21, 2015, Saturday, 
                         1 pm - 3 pm
      Location:  Asian Youth Center (AYC)
                       100 Clary Avenue, 
                  San Gabriel, CA 91776


Workshop description:
Team of Advocates for special kids (TASK) will be presenting on the IEP Rights and Strategies. This workshop will provide answers to your questions in regards to your IEP concerns.

Workshop description: Team of Advocates for special kids (TASK) will be presenting on the IEP Rights and Strategies. This workshop will provide answers to your questions in regards to your IEP concerns. Speaker: Ms. Suzanne Galindo will be presenting for Team of Advocates for Special KidsSuzanne has worked in the field of Special Education Advocacy for the past twenty-seven years. She has worked with many families whom face the challenges of parenting special needs children, working with federal and state agencies, and local school districts. (More ...)

CPAD Orange County chapter:

           “Reflection 2015 

Date: November 21, 2015, Saturday,
                    2 pm - 4 pm

Location:            OCAAC
            225 W. Carl Karcher Way, 
                Anaheim, CA 92801

OC Chapter Coordinator, Mimi Chou, will host this parents gathering for exchanging ideas, encouraging each other, enjoying ourselves, invigorating every one of us.  Reflect on the past year and look into the future.  It’s an opportunity for us to express our expectations of our support group. (More ...)