CPAD Corner (November 2015)


CPAD Alhambra Headquarter:

Love Charity Night III

2015 CPAD families has had a fun-filled, busy September - On September 12, 2015, our CPAD Board member, Ms. Tak Lau, passionately sponsored a Cantonese Opera show, the Love Charity Night III, through her Tak Lau Charity Foundation together with Smart Entertainment, Inc., at the Rosemead High School Auditorium. CPAD would like to express our deepest appreciation for the volunteers’ hard work, and especially for Tak and her Foundation’s generosity in donating the proceeds of this event, approximately $30,000 and all in support of the CPAD Activity Center project.

On September 26th this year, 30+ Chinese and Hispanic parents and 20+ Chinese and Hispanic young consumers gathered at the Asian Youth Center for our 3rd Mini-Multicultural Conference to learn and network followed by a cross cultural luncheon. (More ...)

CPAD Orange County Chapter:

Self-Determination and POS Guidelines of RCOC services” - October 17, 2015, Mr. Larry Landauer, Executive Director of RCOC (Regional Center of Orange County) gave us an update on “Self-Determination and POS Guidelines of RCOC services”.  He went over The Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act and related laws, and how the regional centers and service providers can help these individuals  (More...


CPAD Newsletter (September 2015)

CPAD Community Resource Center (CPRC):

  “Mini-Multicultural Conference 2015
                    sponsored by
               Fiesta Educativa, Inc. &
     Chinese Parents Association for the Disabled
       Date: September 26, 2015, Saturday, 
                         10am - 1:30pm
      Location:  Asian Youth Center (AYC)
                       100 Clary Avenue, 
                  San Gabriel, CA 91776

Parent Workshop/Discussion - Dispute Resolution (Presentor: Fran Goldfarb)
Youth /Young Adult Consumers - Self-Advocacy (Presentor: Dr. Barbara Wheeler)

Multicultural Lunch Social - Noon to 1:30 pm (More)

CPAD Orange County chapter:

  “Transition to Adulthood” Workshop” 

      Date: September 19, 2015, Saturday,
                          2 pm - 4 pm
          Location:        OCAAC
               225 W. Carl Karcher Way, 
                   Anaheim, CA 92801

 Ms. Jacqueline Miller will discuss several important disability rights issues and services related to “Transition to Adulthood”, including Regional Center services, IHSS, SSI, school, and alternatives to conservatorship.   (More)


CPAD Corner (September 2015)

CPAD Alhambra Headquarter:

2015 Annual Field Trip Group Photo

CPAD Kids at annual field trip

CPAD Annual Field Trip 2015 - 8/15 and 8/16, 2015, CPAD's Annual Field Trip was truly a weekend to remember. The first day, we visited Kern County Museum.  At this place, we learned more about how American history influenced Bakersfield. The following morning, we visited Sequoia National park.  Being able to visit Sequoia National Park showed us how CPAD is an amazing group. The simple fact that we were able to come together and have a nice vacation taught us that we are very capable even with our disabilities.  (More ...)

CPAD Orange County Chapter:

8/15/15 CPAD OC Chapter meeting - CPAD parent, Mei Ling Yu, a CA Licensed Insurance Agent, discussed the merit of tax-free Indexed Life Insurance as a leverage for financial planning, retirement planning, and estate planning.She used several illustratipns to show that under certain conditions, tax-free indexed life insurance outperforms other taxable, tax-deferred and tas-free ivestment vehicles. (More...)


CPAD Newsletter (July 2015)

CPAD Community Resource Center (CPRC) - Workshop

    “The 29 Questions” .... and more.
   A Dialogue with Eastern Los Angeles
        Regional center Mnagement

Date: August 22, 2015, Saturday, 9 am - 11 am

Location:    Asian Youth Center (AYC)
                       100 Clary Avenue, 
                  San Gabriel, CA 91776

A panel presentation (ELARC Supervisors) in English with Mandarin and Cantonese interpretation. (More ...)

CPAD Orange County chapter - Parent Support Meeting

        Tax-Free Life Insurance
        As Leverage for Financial,
     Retirement and Eastate Planning  

Date: August 15, 2015, Saturday, 2 pm - 4 pm

Location:                OCAAC
                 225 W. Carl Karcher Way, 
                     Anaheim, CA 92801

Parent Mei Yu, a licensed CA insurance agent, will tell us how to use tax-free life insurance as a leverage for financial, retirement and estate planning.  For families with special needs children, tax-free life insurance is a good vehicle for funding special needs trusts when the parents pass away. (More ...)


CPAD Corner (July 2015)

CPAD Alhambra Headquarter

Tze Chi Youth Volunteers

Volunteers Appreciation

CPAD 2015 Volunteers Appreciation - On 6/27/2015, CPAD ended its 2015 Spring Saturday Program with a nice cozy lunch party to appreciate the volunteers for their dedication and support in making CPAD’s Saturday program a success--enabling children, youth and family members to network, socialize and grow in different areas.  Please  watch  for  news  on our  CPAD's  Fall Sat. program.   Details  will  be  announced  in  the  upcoming  September Newsletter. (More...)

CPAD Orange County Chapter

OC Chapter Unique Cooking Class - On 6/6/15 was an exciting day - Parent Pauline was going to teach us how to make steamed buns at Mimi’s house! Thanks to Pauline, she prepared all the material and equipment needed so we could concentrate on learning.  Pauline expertly demonstrated stirring flour mixtures and kneading doughs.  Everyone wanted to try his/her hands on. (More...)