CPAD Corner (March 2014)

CPAD Alhambra Headquarter - Chinese New Year Celebration

CPAD Chinese New Year Celebration Party - On 2/22/2014, CPAD held its eighth consecutive year of organized Chinese New year Celebration Party at Ocean Star Restaurant in Monterey Park. The Honourable Congresswoman, Judy Chu, came to the venue to congratulate us and deliver an address to CPAD parents and special guests. Also, on behalf of the Congresswoman’s Office, she awarded certificates to the people for their enthusiastic support and contribution to CPAD. They are Mr. Ka Chung Fogg, Mr. Nishikawa, who represent NTC Wismettac Foundation - a Japanese Charity Foundation, and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Tak Lee, for their eighth year’s sponsorship of the annual party.  The New Year's Party is not only an opportunity for CPAD’s parents to have a joyous gathering; it is also an opportunity for us to thank all the supporters for their big-hearted backing.  We are very proud and pleased to have them as guests to celebrate this wonderful event with the CPAD families

CNY party

CPAD Orange County Chapter - Special Event

OC Chapter " Parent Gathering" Party - Saturday, 2/15/2014, OC Chapter parents gathered together enjoyed friendship and exchange ideas. During the event, parents demonstrated their best skills; there were coffee master, dessert specialists, as well as Chapter bought a big cake! One volunteer mom even provided “Auspicious Lion Dance”, very Chinese New Year festive atmosphere!

While the volunteers ardently care for all the kids, parents led by Mimi discussed plans for year 2014, such as:  Monthly Parent-Child ‘Zumba’ Fun, annual OC Field Trip, and plans to invite specific workshops' speakers which can benefit parents’ needs, etc.  The remaining hours, parents shared their parenting experiences, their joy, and future prospects. No matter how close relatives and friends are difficult to understand what we feel, but at here, there is no barrier, we can freely speak our minds, for our hearts are interlinked.

parent gathering


CPAD Newsletter (January 2014)

CPAD Community Resource Center (CPRC) -  workshop

DVD Presentation (Part 2)

Sensory Issues in Learning & Behavior

      January 18, 2014, Saturday
            2:00pm - 4:30pm

      First Christian Church of Alhambra
                220 South 5th Street,
                Alhambra, CA 91801

Sensory Processing Disorder is the inability to respond "appropriately" to ordinary sensory experiences. In this 2nd part of DVD presentation, Carol Kranowitz, suggests techniques that are functional activities, which are sure to be a hit with your young child or student, no matter what his or her sensory needs are.  

Please Note: To attend you must register by Jan 12. Please call (626)-315-8146, and leave a messag with your name and phone number. 

Movie Presentation

    Mozart & the Whale

    February 15, 2014, Saturday, 2:00pm

     Hacienda Heights Library
         16010 La Monde St.,
     Hacienda heights 91745

The movie is a heartwarming romance about two people with Asperger’s Syndrome. Donald, a good-natured but hapless cab driver with a knack for numbers, falls head over heels for the beautiful but complex Isabelle when she joins the autism support group he leads. Their first date, which occurs on Halloween, sets the tone for a budding romance that helps them establish their niche in a fascinating and quirky universe.

CPAD Orange County Chapter - Parent Support Workshop

   "Art & Services for the Disabled"

   January 18, 2014, Saturday
   2:00 pm - 4:00pm

  Orange County Adult Achievement Center
    225 W. Carl Karcher Way,
        Anaheim, CA 91801

ASD provides programs through the creative art therapies to help children, adolescents and adults with intellectual disabilities.  Speaker, Tian Chiang, Arts & Services for the Disabled, Inc. (ASD), will tell us how ASD programs can help our children.



CPAD Corner (January 2014)

CPAD Alhambra Headquarter -
NTC Award & CICPA Fundraising

NTC Wismettac Foundation Award - CPAD was awarded $25,000 by NTC Wismettac Foundation for the construction of our CPAD Activity Center.  The foundation's mission is to support the Asian disability communities.  Both Vanda and Stella met with Mr. Toshiyuki Nishikawa, Vice President, on 12/23/2013 and were inspired and touched by the story of the founder of NTC Wismettac Foundation who started the plight to support those in need in Japan and extended to the United States 2 years ago.

NTC Award

CICPA Beijing Opera Fundraising for CPAD - On November 22 & 23, 2013, the California Institute for Chinese Performing Arts (CICPA) organized the "2013 Chinese Cultural Performing Arts Festival" Beijing Opera Show.  Again, this year, the CICPA has donated the proceeds from the performances in support of the CPAD’s Activity Center Capital Campaign. In order to promote Chinese culture and to help our CPAD’s children to have their own Activity Center as soon as possible, President Rosana Hsu, though not feeling well, insisted on attending the function in person. When she saw the marvelous performance and the outpouring of donations, she smiled in joy. Total funds raised in this special event is $11,188. On behalf of CPAD, we hereby express our deepest appreciation and heartfelt thanks!

CPAD Orange County Chapter - Special Event

OC Chapter " Marching To 2014" Celebration Party - On December 21, 2013, CPAD Orange County Chapter seizing the remaining time of 2013, held the "Marching To 2014" Celebration Party.  This year, in addition to all CPAD board members, the new CEO of OCAAC, Mike, and the outgoing CEO, Joyce Hearn, also joined the celebration.  Parents are very grateful for their long term support in providing us with such a nice meeting place!  

marching to 2014


CPAD newsletter (October 2013)

Thank you CPAD donors, volunteers, parents, web viewers! We wish you a Safe and Joyful Holiday!

CPAD Community Parent Resource Center 

      Behavioral Intervention

   Community Health Education Center
                  261 Junipero Serra,
               San Gabriel, CA 91776
Saturday, December 14, 2013, 2pm - 4pm

Dr. Howard Chuddler, Ph.D. Director of Howard Chuddler & Associates, Inc., and Program manager, Henry Wong, M.A. will discuss below information that are associated with Behavioral Intervention: Communication, Social Interactions, Positive/Negative Consequences, Promoting Positive Alternatives, and Impulsivity.

CPAD Orange County Chapter -  

Tax, Tax more about Tax    

Orange County Adult Achievement Center
            225 W. Carl Karcher Way,
               Anaheim, CA 92801
Saturday, November 16, 2013, 2pm - 4pm

Mr. Kenny Yu, CPAD OC parents, will talk about tax related matters on real estate transactions, and the income reporting on benefits due to disability. There will be Q &A at the end of the seminar and one-on-one tax consultation.  Bring your tax questions and your 2012 tax return if you need one-on-one consultation.


CPAD Corner (October 2013)

Dear Friends and CPAD Members, 

Vanda & NanetteCPAD Board of Directors would like to take this opportunity to introduce our newly elected president, Mrs. Vanda Yung.  She is the mother of Nanette (CPAD Rainbow dancer).   Her husband Michael, who also provides CPAD technical support, is the ‘Creative Audio Visual Technology Class” instructor.

In 1982, Vanda received a Master degree in Social Welfare from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). After graduation, she joined the Chinatown Service Center in Los Angeles serving the Chinese immigrant community in various capacities, including 15 years of bilingual and bicultural clinical/counseling experience as well as over 10 years of other managerial experience. She has involved with CPAD families and programs since 2001. She is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Being familiar with Chinese culture, she is particularly resourceful in servicing and training our parents and members with special needs. CPAD welcome Vanda to be our new president.

Please extend your support to Vanda and CPAD as you had supported our late president Rachel.  With your support and Vanda’s new leadership, CPAD is looking forward to building our network resources, expanding member services, and completing CPAD’s new center.   

Thank you,
CPAD Board of Directors

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