CPAD Corner (July 2014)

CPAD Alhambra Headquarter:

CPAD Cantonese Song/Opera Fundraising Love II - On June 14, 2014, CPAD host a second Cantonese Opera fundraising event for raising funds to build its Activity Center. Honorable Congresswoman Judy Chu, Assemblyman Ed Chou, and Monterey Park Mayor Anthony Wong presented at the event to show support. They commended all the participants, local cantonese opera fanciers and the artists who came all the way from oversea to support this event. At evening, CPAD hosted a fundraising dinner party at local restaurant. The guests were entertained by ”CPAD's Youth Choir”. Total of funds raised is $88,388.

This year's Activity Center building funds has been raised nearly $90,000. Event Coordinator, Tak Lau and CPAD members sincerely thank all those who contribute to this event. For their loving support, our dream of building Activity Center took a step forward. CPAD is a non-profit organization with goals to help kids and adults with special needs to maximize their potential, so they can live meaningful life.

Fundraising dinner party 2014

CPAD Orange County Chapter: Parent Support Meeting

On May 11, 2014 “Emergency Preparedness” workshop - Speaker Dr. R.J. Feng showed us the crucial items for survival, such as fire starter, water storage, food storage, first aid bag.  He pointed out that a person can survive 3 minutes without oxygen, 3 hours in extreme temperature conditions, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food.  To fight for survival, concentrate on surviving each hour, that will bring you to the next hour!  Dr. Feng encourages parents to prepare a bug-out bag, a portable kit that contains the items one would require to survive for 72 hours, when evacuating from a disaster. 


CPAD Newsletter (May 2014)

CPAD Community Resource Center (CPRC) -  workshop

              Parents Sharing Day

Special Education, UCLA “Pathway” program
     & “Project Search” Job Internship
           June 28, 2014, Saturday
              12:00 noon - 2:00pm

           First Christian Church of Alhambra
                      220 South 5th Street,
                      Alhambra, CA 91801

Dear Parents and Friends, CPAD had a very encouraging meeting at the ‘Regional Center - Self-Determination’ Workshop on May 3, 2014. There were a lot of great sharing and interchange of valuable resources/experiences among our new and old parents.  

To follow-up on parents' sharing and concerns from the May 3rd Workshop, we will be having a parents pot-luck lunch meeting on 6/28/2014 (Saturday). We welcome parent to join us and share your experiences and concerns. 

On that day, in addition to the discussion of Special Education, Mrs. Li Lee, CPAD parent, will also be sharing her experience regarding her daughter, Jenny’s 2 years' experience at Pathway – UCLA program as well as the Project Search's job training / internship program at the UCLA Medical Center. 

For pot-luck – please bring one dish to share.


CPAD Orange County Chapter - Workshop

    “Emergency Preparedness”

    May 17, 2014, Saturday
 2:00 pm - 4:00pm

  Orange County Adult Achievement Center
    225 W. Carl Karcher Way,
        Anaheim, CA 91801

             Speaker:  Dr. J. Feng, Parent

We do not know when or where emergency will strike.  But each of us can certainly prepare for it. As a minimum, we need to prepare for the several days immediately following an emergency. We’ll learn what resources we need for our survival, such as fire, water, first aid kit, and food. This is not a complete list by any measure, but a good starting point.  Let’s act now! 



CPAD Corner (May 2014)

CPAD Alhambra Headquarter:

CPAD Hotline (626)-307-3837 - Good news! Our CPAD Hotline now has a new set-up to accommodate tri-language (English, Mandarin and Cantonese) needs of our members, families and community friends.  Callers will be referred to the respective language parent advocate.  Please feel free to call us through the Hotline, we will respond to your questions/concerns in regarding Special Education and related resources/services as much as we can.

Hakka Foundation Sponsors CPAD Saturday Program's Activities - In March 2014, Hakka Foundation Chairman, Mr. K.K. Hsu & wife, and Secretary, Mr. Frank S. Wu came to visit CPAD. They met with our Board members to get a general understanding of CPAD's operations; they also observed children in class.  After another on-site visit, Mr. Frank Wu informed CPAD that Hakka Foundation has decided to donate $10,000 to endow CPAD Saturday Program's activities, and on May 2, he personally handed the check to CPAD President, Mrs. Yung.  On behalf of CPAD, we would like to offer up our most sincere gratitude to Hakka Foundation to thank them for their compassion/care to the disadvantaged group.

Book Press Release and Donation - On April 3, 2014, Evergreen Bookstore Founder, Mr. Bing Liu, held a Book Press Release, and charitable donation event on his new book, “Leisure Talks in the Art Scene (閒話藝壇)”. More than 100 Southern California arts and cultural artists, and local community members attended the event. Event was hosted and led by famous epicure, Miss Teresa Lin.  Guests have fervently outpoured their donation to the book!  Mr. Liu autograph his new book to his guests and donated all proceeds, a total of $3,000, to “CPAD Activity Center Fund”. On behalf of CPAD, president, Vanda Yung presented an award in appreciation to Mr. Liu's generosity and support!

CPAD Orange County Chapter:

2014 CPAD Model Mother - This year, CPAD has elected, OC Chapter's parent, Mrs. Ying Lee as CPAD Model Mother, she will represent CPAD to be recognized at Joint Chinese University Alumni Association of Southern California, on Sunday, May 11, 2014.  After Mrs. Lee's daughter, Hana, was diagnosed with severe autism, her family immediately facing financial problem, and crisis of marriage.  But, she was not discouraged, alone she raised up her children with Christian values, with thanksgiving in mind to face problem impact the family.  Her son, Kevin, is studying Psychology. He loves his sister very much, and enjoys being a volunteer at OC Chapter, and strives to serve the “special needs people” in the future.  Congratulation, Mrs. Lee!  You deserved to be recognized as Model Mother.


CPAD Newsletter (March 2014)

CPAD Community Resource Center (CPRC) -  workshop

Regional Center:  Self Determination

         May 3, 2014, Saturday
             2:00pm - 3:30pm

        First Christian Church of Alhambra
                   220 South 5th Street,
                   Alhambra, CA 91801

Sepeaker, Mr. Bruce Harrell, Community Program Specialist II from State Council on Development Disabilities/Area Board 10.  He has serviced on statewide and local Self-Determination planning committees, assisting with the first Self-Determination Pilot Project at Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center.  Self-Determination gives people the authority to control the money that is spent on the services they receive. The law established "facilitators" to help the person plan his or her life and stay within their budget.  The law also creates a "Fiscal Management Services (FMS)" that acts as the "bank", holding the funds, paying the people which the person hires, doing background checks, and paying their money, etc.  People who are interested should educate themselves now so they are rady when the time comes.

       Assistive Technology for
    Autism and Other Disabilities
              April 15, 2014, Tuesday
                  9:30am - 12:30pm
     Hacienda Heights Library
         16010 La Monde St.,
      Hacienda heights 91745

Speaker: Laura Simmons-Martinez, Technology Project Director at Team of Advocates for Special Kids (TASK). This workshop introduces technology specifically related to disorders on the autism spectrum and for those with developmental disabilities, including software with the following focus areas: video modeling, social skills, life skills, vocabulary building, language development, communication, interpreting emotions and more. We will offer many ideas, from low tech interventions to high tech AAC devices.

CPAD Orange County Chapter - Parent Support Workshop

  How Vision Impact Behavior &
       Academic Performance
    March 15, 2014, Saturday
   2:00 pm - 4:00pm

 Orange County Adult Achievement Center
     225 W. Carl Karcher Way,
         Anaheim, CA 91801

Vision is vital to how we learn and process information.  When a child has ASD or other developmental disabilities, they, often, also have eye coordination and eye tracking problems that interfere with their ability to maintain eye contact, read and learn. Speaker, Belinda Kuo, O.D. and Derek Tong, O.D. will be discussing the different resources to help our children including how to provide the best visual support at home and other available vision interventions.


CPAD Corner (March 2014)

CPAD Alhambra Headquarter - Chinese New Year Celebration

CPAD Chinese New Year Celebration Party - On 2/22/2014, CPAD held its eighth consecutive year of organized Chinese New year Celebration Party at Ocean Star Restaurant in Monterey Park. The Honourable Congresswoman, Judy Chu, came to the venue to congratulate us and deliver an address to CPAD parents and special guests. Also, on behalf of the Congresswoman’s Office, she awarded certificates to the people for their enthusiastic support and contribution to CPAD. They are Mr. Ka Chung Fogg, Mr. Nishikawa, who represent NTC Wismettac Foundation - a Japanese Charity Foundation, and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Tak Lee, for their eighth year’s sponsorship of the annual party.  The New Year's Party is not only an opportunity for CPAD’s parents to have a joyous gathering; it is also an opportunity for us to thank all the supporters for their big-hearted backing.  We are very proud and pleased to have them as guests to celebrate this wonderful event with the CPAD families

CNY party

CPAD Orange County Chapter - Special Event

OC Chapter " Parent Gathering" Party - Saturday, 2/15/2014, OC Chapter parents gathered together enjoyed friendship and exchange ideas. During the event, parents demonstrated their best skills; there were coffee master, dessert specialists, as well as Chapter bought a big cake! One volunteer mom even provided “Auspicious Lion Dance”, very Chinese New Year festive atmosphere!

While the volunteers ardently care for all the kids, parents led by Mimi discussed plans for year 2014, such as:  Monthly Parent-Child ‘Zumba’ Fun, annual OC Field Trip, and plans to invite specific workshops' speakers which can benefit parents’ needs, etc.  The remaining hours, parents shared their parenting experiences, their joy, and future prospects. No matter how close relatives and friends are difficult to understand what we feel, but at here, there is no barrier, we can freely speak our minds, for our hearts are interlinked.

parent gathering