Special Thanks (October 2013)


Special Thanks to CPAD  Supporters

Supporter - Dynasky           Chinese Performing Art


 Special Thanks to Rachel Chen Memorial Fund (for Activity Center)

IMTS   $200
James & Evelyn Lee                       50
Robert & Lina Tan 50
Paul & Anna Lee 500
Paula Goldberg 50
Lai Lien Yip 100
Christine Yee 125


2013 CPAD Field Trip Donors

Suzanna Huang                              
Daly Yuan 225


Thank so much to the above donors!  CPAD is a non-profit, volunteer organization which depends solely on public donations to finance its ongoing activities.  A donation of any amount is always appreciated and your contribution is fully tax deductible.  Please send check made payable to “CPAD”, and/or to Chinese Parents Association for the Disabled; mailing address:  P.O. Box 2884, San Gabriel, CA 91778.  Another way to support CPAD is buying the 99 Tawa Supermarket gift certificate, CPAD will have  6% refund.  Please contact Mrs. Lee at (626) 287-1495 for details.  Thank you.