Special Thanks (March 2014)


Special Thanks to CPAD  Supporters

Supporter - Dynasky           Chinese Performing Art


Special Thanks to CPAD March - 2014 Donors

Rachel Chen Memorial Fund (for Activity Center)

Jianping Ou, Yao Ou (Jane) $200

For General

Living Grace Insurance Services, Inc.           $200
Mien Wann, Lis Shun Wann 100
Chi Hao Wan, AnCheng Wan Lin 20

For Activity Center

Shuownen Yang, Xiujie H. Foung    $20   Donald K. Yee, Eltha S. Dee $200
Alfred C. Foung, Shirley H. Foung 100   Mei Yueh Yang 50
William Liu, Chia Luig Wang Liu 20   Chih C. Yu 50
Lisa Nielson Reinhardt 15   Pil Ding 10
Della T. Chu, Rick H. Chu 100   Eva Chou 8
Anna L. Ng, Gerald Ng 100   Anonymous 20
Cheinhsiang Huang, Fuang, Fuay-Wah Huang 40   Albert Chin Liang chiang, Steffie 50
Shyr Ching Wung, Joann T. Wung 200   Hui-Pin Hsu, Shu-Mei Hsu 50
Cheinhsiang Huang, Fuang, Fuay-Wah Huang 40   Sampson & Sophia Huang 100
Angie Kao, Paul C. Kao 20


Chinese New Year Party

Mary LM Luu   $600 Fernando Raymond O. Jr.   $50
沉鈞海先生 500 Mary E. Hilroy 130
Kathellen Cheung 500 Lucy Tsay 蔡盧錫金女士 200
Jeannie Wong 100 Betty Tsoi 100
吳健先生, 夫人 500 Ken Teh 100
Joseph Ip, Feng Shui Consultant (USA) Inc. 300 Evans Lam, Susanna Lam   1,000
Annie Ho Fong, Harmon Fong 200 Tang Plumbing Inc. 100
劉榮亮先生 200 Kiwanis Club of Monterey Park   500
Mary Liu 100 Gay Yuen 300
Melissa Ng, Manuel WOng 1,000 Karen Linhun chen 666
Five Star Financial Solutions, Inc. 100 Mimi Chou 320
The Liu and Li Family Trust 2,000 Raymond Y. Hamada 100
360 Autoworks, Inc. 200 Pedro Chan 100
Fai Lo, Betty Lee Lo 200 G. Reynolds Natzler 100
Stephen K. Lee 300

Thank so much to the above donors!  CPAD is a non-profit, volunteer organization which depends solely on public donations to financeits ongoing activities.  A donation of any amount is always appreciated and your contribution is fully tax deductible.  Please send check made payable to “CPAD”, and/or to Chinese Parents Association for the Disabled; mailing address:  P.O. Box 2884, San Gabriel, CA 91778.  Another way to support CPAD is buying the 99 Tawa Supermarket gift certificate, CPAD will have  6% refund.  Please contact Mrs. Lee at (626) 287-1495 for details.  Thank you.