Special Thank (November 2014)


Special Thanks to All CPAD  Supporters

Supporter - Dynasky           Chinese Performing Art

For General Fund Donation

Living Grace Insurance Services             300
Christine Yee, Lewis Yee 100

For Rachel Chen Memorial Fund

Li Hua Lee                     300

For Activity Center

Vanda Yung 45   Joseph Ip   300
Vibul Sae Heng, Ray Sae Heng             100 Josephine Louie                                       100
Anamous   3,250 Hui Zhang 300
Shirley Lam 1,120 Morgan Zo 150
Steven W. Chow 100 Stephen Lee 100
Karen Wong 688 Alan Chan 200
Elsa Ng 299 Sun USA Enterprise Inc. 50
Christopher Leu, Heidi Leu 1,000 Huo Chen M.D. A Medical Corp. 1,000
Tak Lai lau 4,300 Franklin Yu, Rosalind Yu 500
Kiwanis Club of Monterey Park 5,000 Evans Lam, Susanna Lam 300
Daly Yuan    400 Belinda Chuk 50
Feng Yu Leung/Yiu Ming Leung 200 Richard T. Ng, CPA, Esq 100
California Casino Management 1,000 C.A.F.E. 100
Hsienrei Hwang, Peifang Hwang              150 JR Post, Inc. 50
Mei E. Lau, Kwok Chi Lau 300 Catchris LLC 50
Gregory K Tse, Pearl Yse 500 Cristcat Hollywood, Inc. 100
Walter Tan 200 JRUCW Pizza, Inc 100
Lo Ming Lam 100 John of ARC, Inc. 50
Shirley Yeng 100 ROCNEVA, Inc. 100
Donald Etra 176 Johnny Paradise, Inc. 50
Cynthia Li 225 Supermall Pockets, Inc. 50
Feipei Phoebe Ysui Lew 200 Catherine Fong 100
Anthony Wai Kong Wong 150 Five Star Financial Solutions, Inc. 100
Emily Hsiao 500 Esther Woo 100
沈君海 300 Kent Rockets, Inc. 50
Kay Tan 100 Pacific Rock, Inc. 50
Stephanie L. Lee 500 Alhambra Lions Club 1,788.35
Gay Yuen 500 Anonymous 3,620
Nhu Le 50 Anonymous 2,010
Kathleen Cheung 張麗卿 500 CA Institute for Chinese Performing Arts   10,290
Jeane 王鐘艷珍 200 Anonymous 170
Eunice Ting 300 Sophia Han 100
International Benefit Planners, Inc. 1,000 Amy Hsu 68
Mr. Fogg 68
David O Sjuo 100

Thank so much to the above donors! CPAD is a non-profit, volunteer organization which depends solely on public donations to financeits ongoing activities. A donation of any amount is always appreciated and your contribution is fully tax deductible. Please send check made payable to “CPAD”, and/or to Chinese Parents Association for the Disabled; mailing address: P.O. Box 2884, San Gabriel, CA 91778. Another way to support CPAD is buying the 99 Tawa Supermarket gift certificate, CPAD will have 6% refund. Please contact Mrs. Lee at (626) 287-1495 for details. Thank you.