Special Thanks (March 2011)

Tak Lee – Acrobatics tickets


  Bonsai & Pottery – Gift value


Gay Yuen, PH.D. $100   Chih-Ming Sung, Chen-Chi Hsu Sung  
Kent Wong, Lily Fong Sang $100   Fai Lo, Betty Lee Lo $100
Annie Ho Fong $100   CACP $500
Sandy May Ng $150   Lucy Tsay (蔡盧鍚金女士) $200
李秀湛夫人 $100   Maggie Wang $100
吳健夫人 $50   洪泰慈善聯誼會 $500
Joseph Ip, Feng Shui Consultant (USA), Inc. 
$300   Anonymous $14
CMM, Inc. $500   Chi Hao Wan $40
Joanna Truong $100

Five Star Financial Solutions Inc. $100


Thank so much to the above donors!  CPAD is a non-profit, volunteer organization which depends solely on public donations to finance its ongoing activities.  A donation of any amount is always appreciated and your contribution is fully tax deductible.  Please send check made payable to “CPAD”, and/or to Chinese Parents Association for the Disabled; mailing address:  P.O. Box 2884, San Gabriel, CA 91778.  Another way to support CPAD is buying the 99 Tawa Supermarket gift certificate, CPAD will have  6% refund.  Please contact Mrs. Lee at (626) 287-1495 for details.  Thank you.