Special Thanks (August 2012)


Special Thanks to CPAD  Supporters

Supporter - Dynasky           Chinese Performing Art


Special Thanks to CPAD August 2012 Donors

Sing Tao Newspapers (L.A.) Ltd.           $1272     
Yao Sue Esq.                                       50

Special Thanks to CPAD July 22, 2012 Donors

Mr.Kenneth Lee & Mrs. Tak Lee     $17350 
 Sincere Enterprise, Inc.                         3000 (ad)

Gold Sponsors

  MTC Engineering Inc.   
Anonymous - Dear Friend of CPAD Children

Silver Sponsors

Emerald 2000 Group 
Anonymous - CPAD Parent

$500 and under

John & Mary Wong 
Mr. Wai Pan Lam & Mrs. Shirley Lam 
Julia Yu 
Georgia Mak   
Kathleen Cheung 
Smart Finance & Insturance Service - Mr. & Mrs. Clement Lam 
CPAD, Orange County Chapter (CPAD - OC Chapter)

$300 and bleow

Mr. Xiao Dong Gu  
Michael Cheung, Winnie Kiu Ting Cheung  
FEC Ginseng & Marine Products
Jade Escrow
Mr. Paul Chen & Mrs. Ke Jia Wang
Karen Chen
Nancy Luke
Jeri Honda
Kathy Pokam Leung-Kwan
Chinese Womens New Life Movement Club of L.A.
Ted Nong Chung, Doris M.H. Cheung
Benny W. Szeto, Celia Cho Szeto
Mien Wann, Li Shun Wann
Five Star Financial Solutions, Inc.
Alice Kwan, Gary Kwan
Pei Fang Hwang
Suet Mei Fong
Tom Tam
Linda Fong
Sik K. Luoie, Alice Louie
Frank Kaiming Lee, Stella Hing Lee
Esther Woo
Ceaser Szeto


Thank so much to the above donors!  CPAD is a non-profit, volunteer organization which depends solely on public donations to finance its ongoing activities.  A donation of any amount is always appreciated and your contribution is fully tax deductible.  Please send check made payable to “CPAD”, and/or to Chinese Parents Association for the Disabled; mailing address:  P.O. Box 2884, San Gabriel, CA 91778.  Another way to support CPAD is buying the 99 Tawa Supermarket gift card, CPAD will have  6% refund.  Please contact Mrs. Lee at (626) 287-1495 for details. Thank you.