My Sister – Alice

I was raised by a mother that showed me unconditional love. I had to love my little sister, Alice, no matter what. My mother taught me if I did not love my sister no one else would.

Because of my mother’s love and protective nature for both me and my sister.  I learned to also protect my sister and stand up for her. My autistic and developmentally delayed sister can not defend herself when she is being picked on. As I was growing up I learned that it was best to unite with my mother to fight for my sister and that is the best way to support my sister and mother. My mother taught me about forgiveness. As a kid I learned that my sister, Alice, can not help be the way she is. So I had to forgive her for the wrongs that she does to me.

All my mother and I can do is to love her unconditionally. I believe along with my mother that is:  the best medicine for any child with special needs is genuine love, compassion and time. 』  My sister even though she is non verbal does cherish the time my mother and I  spend with her as a family.

– Angela Lo

(Angela Lo’s Mother – was nominated by CPAD as CPAD 2011 Model Mother, and recognized at JCUAA Mother’s Day Celebration party for Good Mother.)

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