CPAD 2022 Family Holiday Party
CPAD 2022 Family Holiday Party

Dear CPAD Parents and members:This is the most wonderful time of the year! Let us celebrate our CPAD in person party.  The party is partner with Tzu Shao volunteers.

Date: December 18, 2022 Sunday

Time: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Location: Tzu Chi Foundation, 9620 Flair Dr. El Monte, CA 91731

Online Registration:

For online registration assistance, please call Lily Meng : 714-330-2189

So many fun activities: Art/Face painting, Stage Fashion walk, Food and Gift.

We only serve 100 persons, is basic on first comes first served. Hurry up registered and marked your calendar!

We also have a very special live event, our CPAD members have a chance to performance walk on stage with their favorite outfits. They could choose to do it alone, with their family members or volunteers. This is a great opportunity to have fun.
If you are interested, please contact Li , the leader of the activity. Before 12/16/2022
Phone: 626-321-5266 (call or text)

親愛的CPAD 會員及家庭成員:

 這是一個非常興奮日子,CPAD 2022年終派對終於出現。我們帶着興奮的心情,邀請大家參加CPAD 與慈濟的慈少年義工一起合辦的年終感慶祝活動。

日期: 十二月十八日2022年, 星期日


地點:慈濟基金會Tzu Chi Foundation, 9620 Flair Dr. El Monte, CA 91731

註冊方法: 網上登記

如需協助網上登記請致電 Lily Meng : 714-330-2189

我們有很多精彩的節目: 面繪,服裝表演, 豐富的食物和禮物。


今年我們有一個非常特別的活動:讓我們的會員朋友有機會穿着他們喜愛的衣服在台上表演. 他們可以選擇自己一人獨行,與家人一起同行,或與慈少義工一起參與。這是一個難得的機會希望大家踴躍報名參加。

興趣參與者請與活動組長   Li 報名: 請各位在(2022年12月16号)之前登記。

電話號碼:626-321-5266 (call or text)