My Mother – Aileen Shi

My mother is special in many different ways.  I have selected my mother as my strongest impact on my life because my mother has been a role model and emotional supporter to my brother and me.  She will always ensure that I am healthy and active.

When we were young, she helped us with homework, played games, drove us to piano lessons, and spent time with us at the park, beaches, and other places.  My mother has given me emotional support and always listens to what we said.  She has taught me not to worry about what others think or say about us as long as we are doing the right thing.

She also teaches us to stand up for what we believe in no matter what the situation is.  She has provided us with everything we need to succeed in our school and daily life.  She has made sure we have a warm meal to eat for those long days at school.  She has given us a warm place to sleep.

On Sundays, my mother takes us to church to attend Sunday school.  My brother, who is autistic, attended the special Sunday school class and he learned many songs from the class.  From these songs, my brother and I learned to play the piano. My mother would sing, read to my brother.  My brother is nonverbal and my mother would find the appropriate device for him so he can communicate with family and friends.

I appreciate everything my mother has done for our family.

Red Heart

– Jason Shi

(Alieen Shi was nominated by CPAD as CPAD 2011 Model Mother, and recognized at JCUAA Mother’s Day Celebration for Good Mother.)

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